Artists and Their Books: Books and Their Artists / Marcia Reed; Glenn Phillips

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Identifier: REF.BM.2257
Object type: Books
Dimensions: viii, 212 p. : ill (color) ; 27 cm
Publication dates: 2018
Ever innovative and predictably diverse, artists' books occupy a creative space between the familiar four-cornered object and challenging works of art that question every preconception of what a book can be. Many artists, such as Ken Campbell and Susan King, specialize in self-contained art projects in the form of books. Others who are primarily known as sculptors, painters, or performance artists carry on a parallel practice in artists' books, including Anselm Kiefer, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Ed Ruscha, and Richard Tuttle. The history of the artist's book touches nearly every contemporary movement and has influenced Pop art, Fluxus, Conceptual art, feminist art, and postmodernism. This selection of striking books from the Special Collections of the Getty Research Institute seeks to provoke new inquiry into the nature of art and books in contemporary culture.