Code(x)+1 Monograph Series, No. 5: Visionaries & Fanatics: Type Design & the Private Press / Russell Maret

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Identifier: FA.B64.2086
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 7.75 x 5.5 in;19.75 x 14 cm
Copyright dates: 2010
Created by: Russell Maret
Published by: The CODEX Foundation
No. 5 (series 1) in a monograph series devoted to the subject of book and print culture under the editorial direction of the Codex Publications Advisory Board. From the Code(x) website: "Within the community of typographic printers the problem of identity is generally assumed to be a problem suffered by book artists, by those other people working outside of the well-defined sanctum of the Fine Press. This comfortable view overlooks a division within the letterpress community that is too often blurred and as a result is the source of my greater concern: Does the private press have a future?" "'Visionaries & Fanatics' was designed by Russell Maret and printed in an edition of 500 copies at Peter Koch Printers. The typeface Quadraat is well suited for feuilleton editions printed in relative haste. The cover was printed from antique wood and metal types in the Koch collection." -- colophon