Code(x)+1 Monograph Series, No. 6: Acide Brut Manifesto / Didier Mutel

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Identifier: FA.B64.2087
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 7.75 x 5.5 in;19.75 x 14 cm
Copyright dates: 2011
Created by: Didier Mutel
Published by: The CODEX Foundation
No. 6 (series 1) in a monograph series devoted to the subject of book and print culture under the editorial direction of the Codex Publications Advisory Board. "Didier Mutel is a synaesthetic printer focused on the bite-of acid on metal, of the metal plate on paper, of the printed words on the mind. He knows that all senses must be involved in the creation, reception, and survival of the crafts of engraving and printing in the new millenium." -- Timothy Young from the introduction "777 copies were printed on the Heidelberg cylinder press at Peter Koch Printers for the CODEX Foundation. The typeface Quadraat is well suited for editions printed in relative haste." -- title page verso