An Exhibition of Work by Members of the Center for Book Arts : February 29 - March 21 1976 : Creative Arts Workshop, 80 Audubon Street, New Haven ... / [Center for Book Arts]

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Identifier: AAR.FFM1.2500
Object type: Broadsides
Dimensions: 56 x 36 cm; 22" x 14"
Creation dates: 1976
Illustrated by: Barton Lidice BenesĖŒ
Photographs by: Andres Lamder
Published in association with: Creative Arts Workshop
A letterpress printed broadside, printed in black. The broadside advertises an exhibition of works by members of the Center for Book Arts, held at the Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, Connecticut, February 29-March 21, 1976. The broadside is illustrated by a relief halftone reproduction of an artists' book, depicting a pair of eyeglasses with razor blades in the place of the lenses, and a volume sealed with ropes, entitled "When I Lived in Salem", by Caroline Howard King. The image is captioned: "Barton Lidice Benes. Bound book and Glasses. 1975. photo: Andres Lamder." CBA has two copies, this is copy 1.