Book Makers : Center for Book Arts First Five Years : Houghton Gallery, Cooper Union : October 25 - November 9 ... / Dikko Faust and Richard Minsky

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Identifier: AAR.FFM5.2547
Object type: Broadsides
Dimensions: 57 x 38 cm; 22.5" x 15"
Creation dates: 1979
Published by: Center for Book Arts
Published in association with: The Cooper Union
A letterpress printed broadside, printed in light blue on white coated paper. The broadside advertises the exhibition celebrating the first five years of the Center for Book Arts. The broadside is illustrated with two columns of text printed in black, red, blue and orange within a double-ruled orange border. The text illustration is meant to appear like regular text but actually consists of random letters, many of which overprint each other and consist of several different fonts. The colophon, printed below the image, reads: "designed & printed by Dikko Faust & Richard Minsky. [copyright] 1979 Center for Book Arts 15 Bleecker NYC 10012." CBA has eight copies; two of which are unsigned, two of which are signed "Dikko & Minsky" below the left text of the colophon, two of which are signed "Dikko & Minsky" between the left and right text of the colophon, one which is signed "Dikko & Minsky" at the foot of the broadside, and one which is signed "Dikko & Minksy" both below the left text and between the left and right text of the colophon with "Minsky" repeated several times. This is CBA copy 1, the first of two unsigned copies.