Publishing as Artistic Practice / Edited by Annette Gilbert

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Identifier: REF.BM.2287
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 304 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Creation dates: 2016
Edited by: Annette Gilbert
Published by: Sternberg Press
"What does it mean to publish today? In the face of a changing media landscape, institutional upheavals, and discursive shifts in the legal, artistic, and political fields, concepts of ownership, authorship, work, accessibility, and publicity are being renegotiated. The field of publishing not only stands at the intersection of these developments but is also introducing new ruptures. How the traditional publishing framework has been cast adrift, and which opportunities are surfacing in its stead, is discussed here by artists, publishers, and scholars through the examination of recent publishing concepts emerging from the experimental literature and art scene, where publishing is often part of an encompassing artistic practice. The number and diversity of projects among the artists, writers, and publishers concerned with these matters show that it is time to move the question of publishing from the margin to the center of aesthetic and academic discourse." -- publisher's description Contents: Publishing as artistic practice / Annette Gilbert -- Some preliminary observations toward a study of the varieties of artist publishers in the sixties and seventies / Anne Moeglin-Delcroix -- Portrait of the artist as a publisher: publishing as an alternative artistic practice / Antoine Lefebvre -- How I didn't write any of my books / Aureelie Noury -- Organic book design from Dwiggins to Danielewski: The metamedial aesthetics of embodies literature in American trade publishing / Alexander Starre -- The mediatization of contemporary writing / Nick Thurston -- Experimental writing in its moment of digital technization: post-digital literature and print-on-demand publishing / Hannes Bajohr -- Publisher, promoter, and genius: the rise of curatorial ethos in contemporary literature / Hanna Kuusela -- Inter folia, aves: reading bird books as curatorial-editorial constellations / Anna-Sophie Springer -- Scribes, self publishers, artists: performing the book in the samizdat writing scene / Valentina Parisi -- No to mass circulation: publishing in the context of an aesthetics of the relationships in post-samizdat / Vadim Zakharov and Annette Gilbert -- A signature of indifference / Lucas W. Melkane -- No-ISBN -- conceptual perspectives on contemporary autonomous publishing / Leo Findeisen in conversation with Bernhard Cella -- Book swapping & seriosity dummies from fragments: life and opinions of a real existing artist / Michalis Pichler -- System test: (self-) critical surveys of publishing practice / Annette Gilbert -- The social sense of print / Alessandro Ludovico -- Bad workers: notes on the socius and the book / K. Antranik Cassem, Matt Longabucco, and Rachel Valinsky -- Library underground -- a reading list for a coming community / Eva Weinmayr -- On unpublishing : fugitive materiality and the future of the anthropocene book / Paul Benzon