Book Arts in the USA : an Exhibition Organized by the Center for Book Arts : a Cultural Presentation of the United States of America = Les Arts du Livre aux Etats-Unis : une Exposition Organisee par le Center for Book Arts (les Arts du Livre) : une Presentation Culturelle des Etats-Unis d'Amerique / Center for Book Arts

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Identifier: AAR.FFL2.2760
Object type: Posters
Dimensions: 56 x 48 cm; 22" x 19"
Creation dates: 1990
Designed by: Manhattan Design
Illustrated by: Kathleen Amt
Photographs by: Richard Minsky
An offset printed poster, advertising an international book arts exhibition held at the Center for Book Arts, with text in French and English. The poster is illustrated with a reproduction of the photograph, taken by Richard Minsky, of the book sculpture "Content out of Context" by Kathleen Amt. The poster is designed by Manhattan Design. Two states of the poster are noted. In the first state, the poster measures 56 x 48 cm (22" x 19") and the bottom portion of the poster with the colophon has been trimmed off. In the second state, the poster measures 71 x 48 cm (28" x 19") and has the bottom white portion with the colophon, which reads (in both French and English): "Contentu hors de contexte, part Kathleen Amt. Affiche de Manhattan Design. Photo de Richard Minsky. Content out of context: book sculpture by Kathleen Amt. Poster design: Manhattan Design. Photo: Richard Minsky." CBA has three copies, this is copy 1, in the first state.