Center for Book Arts Presents : Book Arts in the USA : 1st National Conference : New York Penta Hotel : March 30 - April 1, 1990 / Center for Book Arts

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Identifier: AAR.FFL1.2756
Object type: Broadsides
Dimensions: 75 x 58.5 cm; 29" x 23"
Creation dates;Copyright dates: 1990;1989
Designed by: Manhattan Design
An offset printed broadside, advertising the first national conference on Book Arts in the USA, concurrent with the Center for Book Arts' 1990 exhibit "Book Arts in the USA." The broadsheet is printed in black, fuschia and yellow on the recto, and in blue on the verso. The broadsheet is meant to be folded and mailed; it can also be folded into various types of paper hats, per directions on the recto. The recto is illustrated with four images of Benjamin Franklin wearing each type of paper hat, and has directions for folding at the foot. The verso gives an outline of the conference, the events for each day,and directions for dealers, accomodations, and meals. The colophon on the verso reads: "[copyright] 1989 Center for Book Arts. Design: Manhattan Design. Thanks to Local 1 A.L.A. Archives." CBA has two copies, this is copy 1.