≠ Charles Baudelaire. J'ai le mouvement qui déplace les lignes / Michalis Pichler

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Identifier: 2212
Object type: Perfect bindings
Dimensions: 12.75 in x 9.75 in, 32.5 cm x 25 cm
Publication dates: 2014
Created by: Michalis Pichler
Inspired by: Marcel Broodthaers
Published by: Greatest Hits
Perfect-bound and printed offset, from an edition of 400 copies. This artist's book by Michalis Pichler is derived from a work by Marcel Broodthaers, with a small textual adjustment. "Détoured facsimile of a Marcel Broodthaers book. Charles Baudelaire’s phrase 'I hate the movement which displaces the lines' has been rephrased here to 'I have the movement which displaces the lines'. bibliography: Charles Baudelaire, 'LA BEAUTÉ' in Fleurs du Mal (Paris, 1857) Marcel Broodthaers, CHARLES BAUDELAIRE. Je hais le mouvement qui déplace les lignes, (Hamburg: Edition Hossmann, 1973)"--Michalis Pichler's website.