"Obscene Is"/ Daniel J. Martinez

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Identifier: FA.B8.0064
Object type: Objects
Dimensions: 21 x 17.5 cm (8.3 x 6.9 inches)
Creation dates: 1990
Created by: Daniel J. Martinez
Published by: Dent Art
Published in association with: AIDS Commemorative "Day Without Art"
Was created at: Los Angeles
Clear plastic, hinged clam shell box containing two dozen wrapped and packed red, green and blue condoms. Box has black, embossed text on both sides. Top: "We will not tolerate/institutionalized religion/We will not tolerate/ racism", "We will not tolerate/forced morality/ We will not tolerate/ government censorship". This is followed by, "Obscene Is?/ By Daniel J. Martinez/ "Feliz Navidad/ Dent Art/ Season's Greetings". Below, "Commissioned by the Peter Norton Family/ On the Occasion of the AIDS Commemorative Day Without Art December 1, 1990/ Produced by Alan Lithograph Inc." Text on reverse side: "Choice/"Intimacy & Truth/ Obscene Is?" Interior condom packages are printed, "Freedom Is/Freedom Is" with expiration date, "10/95" and serial number, "6100701".