Locus - Identified by the History / Fang Xiaofeng and Lu Jingren

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Identifier: FA.B116.2230
Object type: Coptic bindings
Dimensions: 6.75 x 6.75 in;17 x 17 cm
Creation dates: 2012
Coptic binding. Clear plastic book jacket that has been printed with white lettering and design. Two geometric cutouts that has been reproduced throughout book. Alternating orientation of text on pages. 565 pages.

"Books have an intimate relationship with architecture" -- p. 4, Locus - Identified by the History

"Books are a building where the poetical meaning of information dwells. Books of the East are like a construction that accept all information of the universe, while those of the West being a solid structure. Designers must have the will to establish the information of reading design. They also have to be able to dissolve space and time into the concept of book design. While reading a book, the information of it moves here and there. The same applies to a building. A building is recognized as a good residential area only when people perform their activities and live in there. Otherwise, it is just a physical space" -- Imitating and Innovating: Book Design by Lu Jingren and His 10 Protoges