Publishing Manifestos: An International Anthology From Artists and Writers / Michalis Pichler

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Identifier: REF.BM.2239
Object type: Books
Copyright dates: 2019
Created by: Michalis Pichler
Published by: MIT Press, Miss Read
Anthology of many contemporary artists' writings on bookmaking. To name just a few, the book includes short texts by Tauba Auberbach, bpBichol, Ulises Carrion, Paul Chan, Guy Debord, Craig Dworkin, Karl Holmqvist, Ray Johnson, Tan Lin, El Lissitzky, Jonathan Monk, Clive Phillpot, Seth Price, Allen Ruppersburg, Joachim Schmid, Gertrude Stein, Hito Steyrerl, V. Vale, and Lawrence Weiner. "A vibrant artistic and political publishing sphere has been developing since the turn of the millennium. This long-desired reader, compiled by one of the best insiders of the independent art publishing scene, is not only a valuable document but is itself a manifesto, a call to action to the publishing, artistic, and literary world: it is vital to cocreate the future of publishing." --Annette Gilbert, rear cover.