Drone/ 1, 2, 3 / Fran├žois Deschamps

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Identifier: FA.B115.2367
Object type: Boxed sets
Dimensions: Hinged tin: 9 x 12 in;Each book: 8.5 x 8.75 in;Remote: 2.75 x 8.75 in
Creation dates: 2010
Assemblage in hinged tin with three pamphlet-stitched books and a reproduction of a remote control. Universal remote made of lightweight card stock. Illustrated paper title tipped on lid of container. The books are structured so that between each full page is a half page; as one flips through the books, each image spread is modified by the half page flap to create new juxtapositions. All photographs and drawings are by the artists except those from colonial histories. Edition of 250.

"This book project comprises a series of three pamphlet-stitched books collected in a presentation hinged tin along with a three dimensional image object of a universal remote. The project deals with remote projections of power at various times in history through metaphors developed around the three principal meanings of the word 'drone'. "Drone 1: based on the drone as a male bee, creates new images of colonial history. Drone 2: based on the white noise of a drone, juxtaposes images of the good life in the United States with watercolors of violent scenes from newspapers. Drone 3: reflects on current events such as the use of drones for combat, video games which desensitize children to remote killing, and suicide bombings which are also a form of remote warfare."--Visual Studies Workshop