The Blue Notebook, Volume 8, Number 2, April 2014 / Edited by Sarah Bodman

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Identifier: REF.SE.2378.10
Dimensions: 8.125 x 11.75 in
: 2014
Contributor: Tom Sowden
Cover art by: Tom Sowden
Edited by: Sarah Bodman
Published by: Impact Press
Essays and reviews: Tension, Style, and the Modern Psyche. A Stylistic Analysis of Philip Zimmermann’s ‘High Tension’ by Alison Gibbons; Jeremy Dixon: Aliens, Sunset, and Radioactivity: visiting three artists’ books in Philadelphia; Ciara Healy: And the night was kind. ‘Ruskin’s Ponds’ book works by John Woodman; Pete Kennedy: Lucy Lippard’s Activism and Artists’ Books Activate Me; John McDowall: Some artists’ books and literature; Mat Osmond: The Mingled Measure, Interpreting and Adapting S. T. Coleridge’s ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’.

Artists’ pages by: Mat Birchall (UK), Kate Bufton (UK), Amir Brito Cador (Brazil) Jesse England (USA) and Sara MacKillop (UK).

Cover design by Tom Sowden.