The Blue Notebook, Volume 10, Number 2, Spring-Summer 2016 / Edited by Sarah Bodman

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Identifier: REF.SE.2378.14
Dimensions: 8.125 x 11.75 in
Publication dates: 2016
Contributor: Tom Sowden
Cover art by: Nancy Campbell
Edited by: Sarah Bodman
Published by: Impact Press
Articles: In ‘The Four Guardians of the Sky’, Ousama Lazkhani discusses his artists’ books practice, multi-cultural inspiration, and techniques employed within printmaking, laser cutting and the artist’s book.

‘Why books? – From image to readable text’. Lina Nordenström of Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet, reflects on twenty years as a printmaker and book artist working with visual language, a practice balancing on the edge between writing and drawing.

‘Arctica’. Stevie Ronnie – writer and multidisciplinary artist has been working on his ‘Arctica’ project for two years, producing multi-stranded work on the subject of climate change. He recounts his experience with the Arctic residency aboard the Barquentine Antigua and the book works made as a result of these travels.

Helen Scalway’s ‘Free Speech’ considers the artist’s book project ‘An Inventory of Al-Mutanabbi Street’ within the context of recent history. Asking pertinent questions about freedom of speech particularly with respect to books and examining some of the background to the bombing of al-Mutanabbi Street, the street of booksellers in Iraq in March 2007.

Na’ama Zussman considers the artist’s book as authentic space evolving from an abstract entity into a concrete one; a place. The article delineates the degrees of that rhizomatic passage through two of British artist Sam Winston’s works, and reflects on similar structures which could be read as possible precursors for the artist’s book as a ‘Place’.

Artists’ pages by: Mark Addison Smith, Julia Borissova, Siobhán Britton, Friederike von Hellermann.

Cover design Nancy Campbell.