1987 Purgatory Pie Press Postcards Six / Lisa Blaushild; Miriam Schaer

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Identifier: FA.B33.0478
Object type: Prints
Dimensions: 15.6 x 10.8 cm
Grey portfolio with velcro closure that contains two double side, two color, letterpress printed postcards-- PC 6 No.1; Number 56 in an Edition of 300; signed by Blaushild and Faust. "I Sleep with men who sleep with the stars...Chip/Rob/Eddie"; with celebrity names."Types: Kaufmann Bold, Neuland, News Gothic Condensed, Folio Bold Condensed. Paper: Phoenix Imperial". PC 6 No.2; Number 56 in an Edition of 300; signed by Schaer and Faust. "The Fundamental Things Apply"; vintage style illustration of a woman kissing a harlequin surrounded by hearts, with tipped in illustrations of a can of potted ham and a jeweled ring. CBA copy of this work appears to be missing four postcards.