Exhibition catalog for "Grimm & Grimmer"

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Identifier: AAR.EC.0105
Object type: Books
Dimensions: Illustrated ; 14 pp.
Creation dates: 1996
Published by: Center for Book Arts
Catalog for "Grimm and Grimmer," an exhibition of historical children's books and contemporary artist books about the darker side of childhood on view at the Center for Book Arts April 12-June 15, 1996. Organized by Brian Hannon and coordinated by Tracy Angel. CBA has two copies.

An exhibition of historical children’s books and contemporary artists’ books about the darker side of childhood. These books shun the saccharin-sweet portrayals of life filled with friendly carnivores, golden-haired princesses, and stories that always end happily. The exhibition was inspired by traditional children’s stories like those told by the Brothers Grimm in the early 19th century. The artists’ books are decidedly less didactic, but still cognizant of the potential perils of innocence in the world of the late 20th century, though an element of humor is much more apparent. The books employ both traditional codex formats, as well as alternative book structures with pages that pop-up, fold out, or extend beyond their covers.

Featured artists: Eileen Arnow-Levine, Terry Braunstein, Martha Carothers, Noëlle Gauthier, Renate Habinger, Kee Koo, Stephanie Krause, Mary Ellen Long, Ed McGowin, Pamela Moore, Teresa Pankrantz, Teresa Salkin, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Derek Voldemars Stukuls, Larry Thomas, Betty Tompkins, Larry Walczak, Pamela Zwehl-Burke.

Cover image from Heinrich Hoffmann's Der Struwwelpeter.