Exhibition catalog for "NYC/Paris DIALOGUE Paris/New York Printmaking Project"

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Identifier: AAR.EC.0144
Object type: Books
Creation dates: 2005
Published by: Center for Book Arts
Catalog for "NYC/Paris DIALOGUE Paris/New York Printmaking Project" an exhibition on view at the Center for Book Arts October 14, 2005 - December 3, 2005. Organized by Maddy Rosenberg, Independent Curator, New York City, and Devorah Boxer, Vice President, Le Trait, Paris. CBA has two copies.

This exhibition brings together the works by 18 American artists and 18 French artists to highlight the role of the artist printmaker and the contrasts between the American and the French approach to the medium. The artwork included will span printmaking from the traditional to the more unconventional, with techniques ranging from intaglio, lithography, and silkscreen to photo and digital processes. American artists include Desiree Alvarez, Kumi Korf, Hillary Lorenz, Florence Neal, Miriam Schaer, among others. French artists include Louis-Rene Berge, Yves Jobert, Helene Laffly, Jean Lodge, Marie-Antoinette Rouilly Le Chavallier, among others.

Featured artists: Desirée Alvarez, Doug Bennet, Louis-René Berge, Maya Boisgallays, Helene Csech, Asya Dodina, Susan Dunkerley, Dianna Frid, Anne Gilman, Sylvie Heyart, Florence Hinneburg, Robin Holder, Anura Idupuganti, Catherine Keun, Kumi Korf, Helene Laffly, David Lantow, Angela Lorenz, Luce, Rene Lynch, Martin Mülller-Reinhart, Agnes Murray, Florence Neal, Dominique Neyrod, Sarah Plimpton, Maddy Rosenberg, John Ross, Marie Rouilly-Le Chevallier, Miriam Schaer, Shirley Sharoff, Christiane Vielle, Barbara Yoshida.