"Don't Let the Flies In!" / Bannerman

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Identifier: FA.B33.0504
Object type: Prints
Dimensions: 15.6 x 10.8 cm
Creation dates: 1990
Created by: Bannerman
Printed by: Dikko Faust
Published by: Purgatory Pie Press
Originates from: New York City

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Purgatory Pie Press (is a part of)
Number 23 in an Edition of 300; PC9 No.7; signed by Dikko Faust. Double side, letterpress printed postcard made in the image of a green-painted screen door. "To make a handy flyswatter insert lath here"--instructions on bottom verso. "" CBA copy is accompanied by a grey Purgatory Pie Press mailing envelope, "Do Not Bend. It's Art."; postmarked 30 Jul 1990, and also a bright yellow order form for Purgatory Pie Press items for sale.