GenderFail: An Anthology on Failure 2: Building on Our Failed States / Edited by Be Oakley

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Identifier: FA.B120.2441
Object type: Perfect bindings
Dimensions: 161 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm
Publication dates: 2020
Edited by: Be Oakley
Published by: GenderFail
Typesetting by: Wei Huang
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Racism [info:lc/authorities/classification/PN4888.R3], Gender [info:lc/authorities/classification/P240.7], Police brutality [info:lc/authorities/subjects/sh95010616], Gender expression [info:lc/authorities/subjects/sh2011002609]

Anthology featuring contributions from Anonymous, Art + Feminism, Cue Art Foundation, Decolonize This Place, The H. I. V. Howler, NYC Low - Income, Artist + Freelancer Relief Fund, Quaranzine, Queer Archive Work, Thank God for Abortion, and W. A. G. E. First edition of 300. Published by @genderfail. Printed at @txtbooks and @smalleditionsnyc.

“Genderfail: An Anthology on Failure 2: Building on our Failed States started in January 2019, and was paused many times due to the strain on mental and physical energy after its many failures of coming into being. As a one person team there are limits to what I can do. Now in March of 2020, during the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, with much of the world on shutdown, I think more than ever that this project is necessary. I am seeing many friends in the arts and also in the service industry, freelance and gig economies losing their work. Many projects, like GenderFail, are scrambling to find ways to make money and survive during this moment. All I can see is the failure of our governments and institutions, and the drastic need for people to care for and support each other. In Genderfail: An Anthology on Failure 2: Building on our Failed States, we hear from various projects that existed before 2020 and also projects that were created as a response to the pandemic. During these times of crisis I want to chronicle the efforts of those in different times of crisis, how they responded and how they kept a sense of community.” -- GenderFail website

GenderFail: two years of false starts, failures and beautiful moments / Be Oakley--
Decolonize this place: communiques --
Queer archive work: Urgentcraft / Paul Soulellis --
Quaranzine: 100 issues of Quaranzine --
The H.I.V. Howler: an interview with the H.I.V. Howler editers/publishers / Anthea Black and Jessica Whitbread --
Thank God for abortion: lose and win everything / Viva Ruiz --
Art + feminism: failures of Praxis & Communities of Care / Mohammed Sadat Abdulai, Amber Berson, Siân Evans, Jacqueline Mabey, Melissa Tamani, Kira Wisniewski, Nina Yeboah --
Anonymous: a call for complaint: for plague speech, for sick speech --
W.A.G.E.: guidelines for the postponement or cancellation of work March 27, 2020 --
Recommended best practice protocols for institutions and funders - April 13, 2020 --
NYC Low-Income Artist + Freelancer Relief Fund: two queers and a mutual aid fund: Covid-19, revolution, community, responsibility, and the NYC Low-Income Artist + Freelancer Relief Fund / Shawn Escarciga and Nadia Tykulsker --
Lilly Hern Fondation: I want to see it fail.