Vandercook 1909-2009 / Barbara Henry

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Identifier: FA.B37.0643
Object type: Books
Dimensions: 1 folio; 25.2 x 12.4
Creation dates: 2009
Created at: Harsimus Press
Printed by: Barbara Henry
Was created in: Jersey City
CBA copy 1; unbound, illustrated pamphlet that contains a folio broadside printed on ocher colored paper, "How to Make Headaches". "Headaches from ETCH PROOFS by Fredrick H. Bartz, Chicago: Graphic Arts Research Foundation, 1938. Hand set in Franklin Gothic and printed on a Vandercook UN-1, No.26108. Linocuts & Drawing by Barbara Henry. Harsimus Press..."--Colophon. This pamphlet was part of a "Vandercook Print Bundle" commissioned by Paul Maxon in honor the 100th anniversary of the invention of the Vandercook press. The first 100 artists to respond to Maxon's call for work were included in the larger work.