ART: Definition Five (and Other Writings) / Peter Koch

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Identifier: FA.B37.0650
Object type: Pamphlet bindings
Dimensions: 23, [3] p; 19.7 x 14.1 cm
Creation dates: 2008
Created by: Peter Koch
Printed by: Jonathan Gerken
Published by: The CODEX Foundation
Depicts: Berkeley
Edition of 500; Code(x) + 1 Monograph, Series (No.2). Staple fold binding with ocher, three-color printed wrappers. Booklet contains letterpress printed text and illustrations. "Art: Definition Five (and Other Writings) was designed and printed in an edition of 500 copies on a comfortable old Heidelberg cylinder press by Peter Koch assisted by Johnathan Gerken for CODEX Foundation. The typeface Quadraat is well suited for manifesto/feuilleton editions printed in relative haste. The cover was printed from antique wood and metal types in the Koch collection-ars long, vita brevis."--Colophon.